Plus-Size Holiday Style with Giant Tiger

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and love for Giant Tiger are my own!*

There are a lot of things that I love about the holidays (that’s an entire post on it’s own). But one thing that I love about the holidays is the clothes. The sparkle, the lace, the accessories…getting dressed up for holiday parties is a dream come true for me!

Typically, the only downfall of dressing up for holiday parties is the price tag – especially for plus-size dresses. I’m pretty sure many plus-size women out there will agree with me when I say it’s painful dishing out cash for a plus-size cocktail dress. Worry no more, my friends – Giant Tiger has stepped up their game!


Giant Tiger now has three plus-size brands: Lily Morgan (my personal favourite – stylish and fashionable), my STYLE (more casual), and ACX Active (activewear). All the brands are very current and fashionable, and very affordable. Giant Tiger makes it easy for me to spoil myself a little bit because I don’t really feel guilty buying another pair of leggings if they’re only $10! It had the same effect on me when I went looking for a new dress for the holiday season – I usually balk at $200 price tag on cocktail dresses (“Do I really need another one?”). At Giant Tiger, the answer is always YES. Definitively YES! When I can walk out of a store with a new dress and new jewellery for under $50 that can never be wrong.

I popped into Giant Tiger and picked up a little black lace Lily Morgan dress that is just perfect for Christmas and New Year’s partying. It fits well, the cut is great (lots of room for boobs and hips!) and has a nice swing to it. I love that with the cut and style of the dress that I can wear a regular bra with it! The dress came with a cute little braided belt that could be paired with other dresses and tunics too.

There were two things that really surprised me when I got the dress on – first off, I was absolutely thrilled with the quality. It is SO well-made. The lining of the dress is soft and well-made – it helped to hide all my bumps and curces (no Spanx needed with the dress!) Secondly, I was surprised by how soft the lace is – so incredibly soft! It makes the dress feel so comfy cozy – perfect for a long night of partying! Because the dress is so soft, it also means that it’s REAL hard to wrinkle! I left it in a ball the morning after I wore it, picked it up the next morning…and it looked as good as it did the night before!

I also picked up the accessories to go withe the dress at Giant Tiger. All the accessories are as affordable as the clothes are. I was totally drawn to the sparkle in the earrings, necklace and bracelet. I think it adds the perfect amount of sparkle to the outfit! There was a huge variety of accessories to choose from, both casual and dressy. The jewellery I chose was lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Time is at a premium around the holidays – Giant Tiger is a definite one-stop shop for plus-size clothing! Check them out here! Bonus – you can shop online too!

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