Hollywood Cone is Open!

I love love love ice cream…I think it’s probably one of my favourite treats! I was thrilled when I heard that Hollywood Cone was opening in Whitby, not too far from my house. Hollywood Cone is known for their creative ice cream creations – as I have a soft spot for soft serve (Hah – see what I did there?!) I am thrilled to have one near us! If you haven’t been to Hollywood Cone, it’s definitely worth the trip – they take delicious soft serve and top it with over-the-top toppings (say that five times fast!), such as strawberry shortcake, coconut cream pie, and Kinder Surprise, to name a few.

I have read a few articles about their Mutant Shakes, so over the weekend I headed down for their grand opening with the family. Andrew and I decided to try the Funnel Cake Shake, while Ryan and Lily shared vanilla soft serve with Reese’s peanut butter cups mixed in. As you can see in the pictures, both were a HUGE hit.

The mutant shake was unlike anything I’ve ever had before – it was a delicious, thick, creamy strawberry milkshake topped with a hot funnel cake (read – made fresh!) and more of that perfect soft serve! Andrew’s eyes almost bugged out of his head when I brought it to the table. Funnel cakes always make me think of hanging out at Canada’s Wonderland in the summer, and splitting a funnel cake before heading home for the night. The funnel cake at Hollywood Cone was so good it definitely took me back there. The strawberry sauce was perfect, although messy – get lots of napkins! Don’t let the price tag of the bigger ice cream dishes and mutant shakes deter you; the servings are HUGE and can easily be shared. The mutant shake was legitimately two desserts in one.

I love the decor in Hollywood Cone – the movie seats are so comfy, and Andrew thought it was hilarious to have movie seats in an ice cream shop!

Hollywood Cone is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Durham Region! What would your ice cream choice be?

Hollywood Cone is located at 1549 Dundas St. E. in Whitby. You can also find Hollywood Cone Whitby on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.