After the success of our cooking afternoon with Chef Deb, I decided to do a kitchen get-together more suited to me. I am a decent cook, but…baking is really my forte. So I decided to organize something baking-related for the next outing. Like any resourceful momma, I hit Google for ideas, and came onto a company called Batterfingers, who offered cupcake decorating classes in your home.

I contacted Julia at Batterfingers and we set up a date – we were her first mom & baby group! Hosting with Batterfingers was so easy – All I did was cover the table with a plastic tablecloth, lay out aprons for all the moms, and set out some punch and finger foods to nibble on, she did the rest!

Julia getting Sharon and Julie started on their cupcakes

The lesson covered how to colour, shape, and mold fondant, as well as how to roll and decorate with it. Julia brought 3 cupcakes per person, delicious buttercream frosting, colouring, edible ink, rolling pins, and all the other tools necessary to decorate the cupcakes. We also each got a copy of the cupcake and fondant recipe, and she came prepared with boxes for us to take our cupcakes home.

Melinda & Jen 

 Julia was so patient with all the babies. We set up a playroom in my living room so they could hang out and we just left the table periodically to feed, soothe, or play with a fussy baby.

I bought a disposable plastic tablecloth to put down and I was SO happy that I did. If any of you choose to do something like this, it cut down on cleaning time so much, and it was so easy to decorate the cupcakes. No one had to worry about getting fondant or dye on the table. Once we got all Julia’s tools into the sink to clean and packaged up our creations, I just folded up the tablecloth and dumped it. Easy peasy!

My finished products – they tasted as pretty as they look!
Jen’s finished cupcakes – I love her sparkly cupcake with the daisy!



 If you’re interested in having a cupcake class with Julia, get in touch with her here:




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