Momma & Wife.My little ones are my heart and soul.

I love pink, sparkles, excitement and Kate Spade.

I believe in love, giving back, and happily ever after.


My name is Stephanie. I am a mommy, wife, and blogger who is currently trying to figure out this whole parenting thing while chasing a kid and beagle around the house with a baby in my arms.

I live in Whitby, Ontario with my handsome hubby, two adorable kids, and a sassy little beagle – none of whom let me sleep very much. I started this blog originally as a way to pass the nights with a colicky baby. Eventually, it turned into a platform to share the amazing times I had on my maternity leave with my ‘Momtourage’, the thoughts I have as a momma, and as a way to share businesses and products that I love.

For me, parenting is often a survival game…and sometimes it’s more incredible and full of love than I ever could have imagined. My hope with this blog is to support mommas in their journey through motherhood, and to share the wonderful things I find in life that make our life as moms a little easier, exciting and more delicious!

Connect with me at bawlersandcrawlers@gmail.com