The Tired Mom’s Guide To Skin Care with Vichy


I am almost ashamed to admit it, but…I used to skip washing my face at night, but had no problem complaining about how gross my skin has gotten. Puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines around my eyes, and dull, lifeless skin. And before you start telling me how important it is to take your makeup off and wash your face every night, I totally know that already. But when I’m faced with “take care of you and your skin before bed” or “your head could be on that pillow in under 3o seconds”, I opt for sleep every time. My lack of skin care is not helping the fact that I’m (GULP) in my thirties, and starting to worry about wrinkles and lines. The lack of sleep situation is working against me as well.

And then I had the chance to try a few of Vichy’s new skincare products, which I feel are made for tired moms. They sent me three products to try together and mommas, let me tell you – they are the skincare dream team.


Let me take a moment to introduce you to my new best friends!

First up is the Purete Thermale One Step Cleansing 3-in-1 Micellar Solution. If I’m being honest, I was more than a little sceptical of this one, as it is supposed to be a cleanser, toner and eye-makeup remover in one. I thought “uh-huh. Sure. Won’t be putting away my makeup remover just yet.” But guys, for real – this stuff really does do it all! I just pour a bit on a cotton ball, clean off my eye makeup, and then do a second one for the rest of my face. If I have a LOT of makeup one (you know, for the rare times I have a social event that requires full makeup), I will use my eye makeup remover first but still do a secondary clean with the micellar solution. After I cleanse with it, my skin is super soft, and isn’t all tight and dry, like after using some toners. Another bonus for anyone with sensitive skin – no scent!


Next up is the Vichy Idealia Eyes. I was first intrigued by the tube – the cream comes in a little tube with a little silicon applicator. You squeeze a bit onto the applicator and then brush it under your eyes, and up into your crows feet, if you have them like I do. I actually saw a difference almost immediately with this eye cream. The dark circles under my eyes lessened, became less puffy, and looked much brighter overall. Even my husband noticed a difference! I will say that the applicator takes some practice to get just right. At first I found it pulled the skin a bit, or I put too much cream on and it didn’t sink in right away. Once I got the hang of getting the perfect amount of cream on, I can have both eyes done in under a minute. Now I put it on quickly, it doesn’t pull the delicate skin around my eye, and the cream absorbs very quickly. My fine lines are unfortunately still there (I don’t think anything will get rid of them short of Botox – but hey, maybe that’s another blog post for another day), but regular usage of the cream definitely lightened them so they’re not as noticeable.


The last step in my new skincare regimen is the Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream. I started using this cream every morning. I first fell in love with the pretty pink jar, but then I also began to adore the stuff inside! It is a light moisturizing cream that hydrates your skin but isn’t sticky or greasy. I can put it on and start putting makeup on right after. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft every day!


Overall, I found that the using all three products together made a tremendous difference in my skin, and makes me feel better about dragging my tired butt out of the house every day. My fine lines have lessened, my skin has lost that dull appearance, and looks brighter and more refreshed. My eyes are less puffy, my dark circles have gone down. And the best part about it? The whole routine only takes a few minutes before bed. Seriously. I’m in and out of my bathroom in under three minutes with soft, clean skin. Who doesn’t want that?


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