The Teething Egg Review + Giveaway


I few months ago, I was sent a new teething toy for Lily to try, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! She has been doing some hard core teething lately, and has been gnawing on anything and everything! The Teething Egg is a unique teething toy that I had never heard of before I was sent one to try. It is a smooth egg-shaped teether, that is firm yet has a bit of give to it for chewing.



Let me share the things that I love about the Teething Egg:

  1. It’s the perfect size for little hands and mouth! Lily can hold it and roll it around in her hands while chomping away.
  2. It has a clip attached! Lily likes to throw things like she’s a Blue Jay in the playoffs, and with the clip I can attach it to her shirt to prevent it flying across the room or out of the stroller. Less throwing = less germs! The clip is really easy to use, and can be unclipped and clipped with one hand.
  3. It comes in so many cute colours, and the tether is an adorable chevron pattern! Because, obviously, the look of a toy is of uber importance. You can get the egg in mint green, pink, yellow, and baby blue.
  4. It’s safe! It is BPA free, Phthalate free, lead free, and PVC-free.
  5. It actually helps! There have been times since I’ve received it when I’ve passed it to Lily in the car when she’s fussy and she will settle right down when she starts chewing away on it. I know she was doing some good chomping because I can see tons of teeth marks on it when she’s done with it!
  6. You can throw it in the fridge to cool it down to help soothe sore gums.edit1



And now to the exciting part! One of you lucky mommas is getting a chance to win your own Teething Egg! I have one Teething Egg that will find a new home with one of you lucky readers! Just head over to my Facebook page, and let me know who in your life needs a little teething relief!


You can check out The Teething Egg on their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


  1. Amanda Healey says:

    My 4.5 month old son Wyatt is trying to get his first youth desperately! Drool like crazy! I heard these are wonderful for breastfed babies and I think he would love the shape!

    Thanks for the chance!
    Avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

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