The newest member of the Momtourage

I remember back in the winter, hanging out at Beans when momma Sharon told all of us that she was pregnant again – immediately following the shock of it (her first son Brody was under a year), we were all thrilled and excited to meet the newest member of the Momtourage.

On August 8, the littlest member of the Momtourage came into the world, a beautiful baby boy named Blake Aayden. He is just so sweet! Sharon sure does have her hands full with a toddler and a newborn, but she is handling it incredibly, and has a sweet little boy to snuggle all day long!

Sweet baby Blake

A few of us moms went to visit her when Blake was a couple weeks old, and it felt just like old times, but there were lots of arms to hold the only newborn, as all the babies from last year are cruising around on their own now. There’s nothing quite like that newborn baby smell! I couldn’t get enough of him! It was funny, all of us being around a newborn again….it seems so much easier the second time. I know I am infinitely more at ease with wee ones again – I’m pretty sure those first few days alone with A I was pretty shell-shocked. I hope if we ever have another baby I’m as cool, calm, and collected as Sharon is!

Can’t wait to snuggle him again!

Just as I feel so lucky to have such an amazing momma support group, I feel lucky that Andrew has this wonderful group of kidlets to grow up with.

I can’t wait to watch Blake grow up as I did with the other babes! Congratulations to Sharon, Andy and Brody on the newest addition! 

The Frustaci Family – Sharon and her boys

Sharon had these photos done with Natalie Higgins of Logan’s Photography. Check out her website for more info:

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