The Beginning of the Momtourage

Pregnancy. Despite all the classes, books, and well-meaning advice of friends, family, coworkers, and complete strangers, I was in no way prepared for the birth of A. Despite preparing for nine months, I was utterly lost. The constant feeding. The colic. The endless diapers. Being so exhausted that I could have thrown up.

Lucky for me, my sister had a baby 7 weeks before me, so I had a built-in support system. And lucky for both of us, she knew a few girls that were also on maternity leave. And thus, the momtourage was born. When A was just three weeks old, momma Mandy hosted a luncheon at her house for a bunch of new moms to meet each other, and over the next few months, some incredible friendships were born.
The beautiful thing about a mommy group is that you are provided with friends that actually care about the daily trials and successes in your new mommy life. They will commiserate over your sleepless nights, offer support in trying new foods, and perhaps most important….give you something to do with that new baby on your year away from the office!
Although my baby is now 8 months old (and this blog is perhaps being started a little late), I have been told by many people that we should have a blog chronicling all the events and outings we have had together over the past few months to give other mommies ideas of how to get out and about with their baby – because a year spent inside your house is no fun at all! 

Thanks for reading mommas!


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