The Beauty Unveiled Project

Last month, I was lucky enough to be chosen to work with some very talented women on a project called The Beauty Unveiled Project, and I am thrilled to share a little about my experience here!

The Beauty Unveiled Project is a collaboration project between Carly Benjamin of Carly Bee Photography and Adrienne Davis (Makeup Artist). It is a series of empowering editorial-style shoots for woman. Although they will all be different, they all aim to achieve female empowerment.

The intention of the project is to showcase women in their own unique beauty. It aims to help women embrace their own beauty and find strength in their individuality.

This topic is near and dear to my heart – I have spent much of my career working with kids, and have seen so many girls struggle with self-esteem issues from such a young age. Working at Big Brothers Big Sisters, I implemented group programming for girls that addresses self-esteem and body image as well.

I wish I could say that I love my body and have no issues with self-esteem…but as a plus-size momma, I do struggle with it. As a mom, issues around body image hits even closer to home, and I hope that Lily never struggles with the self-esteem issues and negative self-talk that I do. Having Lily has made me think about the way I talk to myself, and how I talk about my body in front of my kids. I have made a conscious effort to be kinder to myself. I tell myself “if I wouldn’t want to hear someone saying it to my kids, I shouldn’t say it to myself.” It’s definitely easier said than done, but hopefully by the time Lily is able to comprehend what I’m saying (even little things like “Ugh, I look fat in these pants!”) it won’t be happening anymore. I don’t think I’m alone in having these feelings, so women everywhere – be kind to yourselves!

For the first installment of the Beauty Unveiled Project, Carly and Adrienne collaborated with Jeanelle Robles of Oak Roots for ‘Moms Gone Styled’, which was created as an opportunity to give the everyday mom a chance to be a model for a day – to be dressed up, photographed, and very simply, to feel beautiful.

The visionary direction was to re-create day-to-day scenarios based on each mom’s lifestyle, while adding the element of high fashion and editorial appeal. The importance of this shoot was to highlight the diversity in women, embrace their uniqueness, and to showcase that this is the true essence of beauty.

My Photo Shoot

Although on mat leave right now, I was chosen to represent the ‘Commuting Career Mom.’ I had such a fun day playing model – Adrienne did such a beautiful job on my hair and makeup! I wish I could have her in my bathroom to get ready every morning! Jeanelle styled my working mom outfit. This was a bit different for me, as in most of my jobs as a social worker, the dress is fairly casual but it was fun to dress like a high powered business woman!


For the shoot, we headed to a few different locations. We first headed to the GO Station in Pickering, into the pedestrian overpass, where the above photo was taken. It had such beautiful light coming through. We got on the GO train, and did photos there as well as in Union Station and on the TTC. It was so fun working with Carly again – she has done a couple shoots with me and the fam before and she is so talented. I seriously admire her commitment to her craft – at one point she was lying on the ground on the subway. That is true commitment to this germaphobe!

Other local mommas, Lindsay and Riah were featured as the ‘work at home mom’ and ‘stay at home mom’. They both looked absolutely beautiful!

Lindsay – the Work-at-Home Mom


Coincidentally, Lindsay has actually been featured on Bawlers & Crawlers before (see post here!) She is the owner of the absolutely delicious Raw to Ready Snacks. If you haven’t tried them yet, you seriously have to!  She is the perfect image of a successful mom that is able to stay at home by running her own business. With three kids and a successful business, I think it’s safe to say that Lindsay has mastered the art of multitasking!

Riah – Stay-at-home Mom


This image seriously blew me away. The sky and her pose…perfection. I love how the photo is taken at the end of the day and she’s still going…a mother’s day is never truly finished. This photo is another instance where I admire someone’s commitment to the art – Riah is in minimal clothing. And it was January in Canada – for those of you not familiar with northern temps…it is not warm y’all! Kudos to this gorgeous momma!

I had such an amazing experience with this wonderful team, and am so thankful I was able to be a part of it. I got to play model for a day, be part of an amazing project, and meet some truly inspiring women. Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow, as I will give a full introduction to the wonderful women behind the project.

You can see the project in full on The Beauty Unveiled Project blog – make sure to check it out!

You can also check out The Beauty Unveiled Project on Facebook and on their website.


  1. Sharon says:

    Well Steph you are a beautiful Momma! I am so proud of you and your friends promoting a healthy image for daughters and peers (& we the older generation). ❤️

  2. Vivianna says:

    You are killin’ it mama! I love it! I’m working on a post about why every family should do a professional family shoot & I also think every woman deserves her own precessional shoot. So awesome you got pampered ❤️

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