Tasty Tuesday – Chocolate Banana Pops

So – you made it through Monday…time to treat yourself! I’ve been following a great Instagram account called Feed Yourself Happy, which is run by a fellow Durham Region Mom. She posts recipes and foodie finds, but best of all, they’re healthy treats! Pop over to her Instagram to check out the yummy recipes!

Andrew, Ryan, and I decided to try one of her healthier treats after the holidays. It was also a great little activity for us to do with Andrew.  It is super simple, but delicious. We made some chocolate banana pops straight from Feed Yourself Happy! Now, my food photography is seriously lacking, so don’t judge the beauty of these banana treats based on my photos – check out the original post to see what it should look like! It’s hard getting a photo of a treat that a three-year old is dying to eat!

All you do to start is peel some bananas, cut them in half and use some kind of stick as a handle. The original recipe calls for either a dowel or Popsicle sticks (we had neither), so I used bamboo skewers. They didn’t hold as well as bigger sticks would, but they worked okay.

Stick the bananas in the freezer for a couple of hours to firm them up. When they are ready, melt about half a cup of chocolate chips – the recipe calls for semi-sweet, but I did some semi-sweet and some dark, as I am a lover of dark chocolate! Drizzle the chocolate over the bananas (Andrew started dunking his in the chocolate which may account for why the bamboo skewers didn’t work as well).


Only do one banana at a time, as the chocolate firms up pretty fast.

Have some toppings ready to go, and sprinkle over the chocolate right after you drizzle the chocolate. We used chocolate chips and little chocolate candies we had left over from Christmas. Feed Yourself Happy also uses Skor bits and nuts which I would love to try another time! Pop in the fridge for a bit to set (we only put them in for a few minutes as we were a little eager to try our treats!) and enjoy!

Clearly ours weren’t the prettiest (and maybe a little phallic-looking), but they were easy enough for Andrew to make, and they were pretty tasty!IMG_3054

Make sure you check out Feed Yourself Happy on Instagram for the original recipe and to check out some other healthy treats!

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