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I love supporting small, local businesses, and get seriously excited when I discover a new one that I adore, and send some blog love their way. Raw to Ready is no exception.

Lindsay, the owner, is a local momma of three. Her youngest baby was born in June, and somehow she still finds the time to run a successful business – she even used her sleep deprivation as inspiration for a new line of coffee-infused products.

Raw to Ready is a company that provides healthy snacks that are gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan-friendly. They are completely natural, made with fresh produce, and contain no added sugars or preservatives.

Lindsay has always been an advocate of healthy eating, and Raw to Ready was born when she started dehydrating snacks for her family years ago. I love the story of how the business was born – after her son’s school initiated a healthy snack program, she was eager to participate and supply her homemade snacks. Unfortunately, because she wasn’t a registered and regulated business, she wasn’t able to participate but could buy applesauce or fruit roll-ups to donate. She realized that kids are consuming too much sugar and chemicals, and the idea of ‘healthy snacks’ was all wrong. With that, Raw to Ready was born!

Lindsay was sweet enough to treat me to a few different products to sample, and I was completely blown away. I would like to say that I am a healthy eater…but I’m not. I strive to eat healthy, but I LOVE sweets. I have a major sweet tooth. To my surprise, the treats from Raw to Ready completely satisfies a sweet craving.


I tried the Mudslide Bark, Apple Cinnamon Chips, and 4 Fruit Green Tea Bark. Andrew, Ryan and I devoured the apple chips literally in minutes, so I hid the bark from them so I would get a chance to enjoy it. I cannot say enough good things about them – I was honestly surprised at how sweet and satisfying they are. The snacks are all kid-friendly too! Andrew gobbled all samples that I gave him and asked for more. I may have hid the bark so I could have it all to myself! Lindsay told me the bark was her personal favorite, and I have to agree. I totally thought my fave would be the Mudslide Bark, because…duh, mudslide. But I was converted on the 4 Fruit Green Tea Bark. Seriously, it is a must-try! The Mudslide was a bit thicker and chewier, and the 4 Fruit was so crisp and crunchy. Delicious!

For the holidays, Raw to Ready is offering a Holiday Gift Box. It contains 4 different products, and is packaged up in a kraft box with twine all ready for gift giving if you’re feeling generous!


The package up for grabs includes Apple Chips, Sea Salt & Olive Oil Kale Chips, 4 Fruit Green Tea Bark (my favourite!), and pineapple rings!


There are lots of ways to enter below!

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If you don’t win, no need to fret – you can contact Raw to Ready to get your very own box of goodies – I’ve already ordered another one. With all the junk I eat over the holidays, it will be nice to snack on something that’s healthy…and makes me feel good to look at a label and actually know what everything is!

To get in contact with Raw to Ready, you can go to her website (www.rawtoready.ca) where you can also find a full list of products, on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/rawtoreadyhealthysnacks/) or email Lindsay directly at lindsay@rawtoready.ca.

If you’re out and about around town, you can also find Raw to Ready at Buckinghams in Brooklin, Eat My Shortbread, and Coffee and Cakes in Bowmanville.
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