“The Artful Snapshot”: Photography Workshop with Carly Bee Photography

My blog originally started as a way for me to share the fun activities that my ‘Momtourage’ and I spent our mat leave together doing, and this post does just that. Although my mat leave crew has changed, I have met a group of absolutely wonderful mommas to spend my days with, and they are just as open to new activities as the original Momtourage.

As moms, we all spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to take beautiful pictures of our kids. I think the only people who spend more time taking photos are professional photographers. So – what better way for a group of moms to spend a morning than to learn how to take beautiful snapshots of their kids? I teamed up with Carly of Carly Bee Photography to host a photography workshop for parents, called “The Artful Snapshot.” The aim was simply to teach us the basics of photography, and how to capture those sweet moments that photographers are always able to do.

What was really awesome about learning in such an intimate setting was that each of us had the chance to have 1:1 time with Carly to ask in-depth questions, and have her work with us as we shot on our own cameras, helping us adjust settings and how to maximize our shooting, even on auto.


Lily and I getting some tips from Carly

She even spent time teaching use how to take beautiful photos on our iPhones – because, if we’re all being honest with ourselves, that’s where the majority of our pictures are taken…am I right mommas?





We spent a bit of time just taking pictures of the kids in my house, with Carly giving us advice and tips as we went. I learned a lot about using angles and lights to my advantage, and a bit about aperture (which I knew nothing about beforehand). She also gave us a lot of good tips about getting a good photo from kids.



A sweet shot I got of my friend’s son Grey – isn’t he adorable?


If you want a chance to learn about the basics of photography with Carly, you’re in luck! She will be holding another session on May 4th! For more information, and to register, click here.



This isn’t my last photography lesson with Carly either – for those of you looking for some more in-depth instruction, and the chance to shoot outdoors with her while learning about the manual settings on your camera (tell me I’m not the only who shoots in Auto 99% of the time?!), she will be holding another workshop in June that I will definitely be attending! It is called “From Snapshot to Photography, where we will learn about shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and focal length play. If you want to join us, don’t forget to register here. And if you’re intimidated, don’t be – I literally don’t even know what half of those things are…so you won’t be the only one with a lot of learning to do!

If you would like to register for either workshop, or just want to check out her work, you can connect with Carly on her website or on Facebook.


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