Plus-Size Holiday Style with Giant Tiger

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and love for Giant Tiger are my own!*

There are a lot of things that I love about the holidays (that’s an entire post on it’s own). But one thing that I love about the holidays is the clothes. The sparkle, the lace, the accessories…getting dressed up for holiday parties is a dream come true for me!

Typically, the only downfall of dressing up for holiday parties is the price tag – especially for plus-size dresses. I’m pretty sure many plus-size women out there will agree with me when I say it’s painful dishing out cash for a plus-size cocktail dress. Worry no more, my friends – Giant Tiger has stepped up their game!


Giant Tiger now has three plus-size brands: Lily Morgan (my personal favourite – stylish and fashionable), my STYLE (more casual), and ACX Active (activewear). All the brands are very current and fashionable, and very affordable. Giant Tiger makes it easy for me to spoil myself a little bit because I don’t really feel guilty buying another pair of leggings if they’re only $10! It had the same effect on me when I went looking for a new dress for the holiday season – I usually balk at $200 price tag on cocktail dresses (“Do I really need another one?”). At Giant Tiger, the answer is always YES. Definitively YES! When I can walk out of a store with a new dress and new jewellery for under $50 that can never be wrong.

I popped into Giant Tiger and picked up a little black lace Lily Morgan dress that is just perfect for Christmas and New Year’s partying. It fits well, the cut is great (lots of room for boobs and hips!) and has a nice swing to it. I love that with the cut and style of the dress that I can wear a regular bra with it! The dress came with a cute little braided belt that could be paired with other dresses and tunics too.

There were two things that really surprised me when I got the dress on – first off, I was absolutely thrilled with the quality. It is SO well-made. The lining of the dress is soft and well-made – it helped to hide all my bumps and curces (no Spanx needed with the dress!) Secondly, I was surprised by how soft the lace is – so incredibly soft! It makes the dress feel so comfy cozy – perfect for a long night of partying! Because the dress is so soft, it also means that it’s REAL hard to wrinkle! I left it in a ball the morning after I wore it, picked it up the next morning…and it looked as good as it did the night before!

I also picked up the accessories to go withe the dress at Giant Tiger. All the accessories are as affordable as the clothes are. I was totally drawn to the sparkle in the earrings, necklace and bracelet. I think it adds the perfect amount of sparkle to the outfit! There was a huge variety of accessories to choose from, both casual and dressy. The jewellery I chose was lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Time is at a premium around the holidays – Giant Tiger is a definite one-stop shop for plus-size clothing! Check them out here! Bonus – you can shop online too!

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Can a Woman Really Have It All?

In my head, I had this dream that when I had kids, I was going to be the mom at pick-up and drop-off, joining the PTA and volunteering in the school. I would know all the other moms, be in the know about school business, and would chat with my kids’ teachers regularly. Yet at the same time, I also saw myself working and getting the personal fulfillment from my job that I love. Somehow, I saw myself having it all.

Maybe I had that notion because when I was growing up, we were told women can have it all. You can have the best of both worlds – you CAN be an amazing mom and have a kick ass career! The modern woman can have it all! But what is having it all, really? Is it being able to juggle parenting and working? Is it simply making choices that are right for you?

Growing up, the mantra of ‘having it all’ was everywhere. I really do love the positive message it sends to young girls and women, and it will undoubtedly spread to my daughter as she gets older. Sadly, for me, and where I am right now, I don’t feel like I have it all. I feel like I am constantly dropping the ball somewhere. That I am always disappointing someone. That I am rushing from one thing to another without really enjoying my tiny, incredible humans. Those are my truth bombs right there. I pretty much feel like I am sucking at everything. In my mind, it is a constant struggle: “I should be there to pick him up from school!” but “I can’t leave work yet!”

It is a continuous battle in my head, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom waging a war on herself in her head. So to any other moms out there feeling like this…you’re not alone. I hear you mama. I’m doing it and there are days that I feel like I’m failing miserably. I feel guilt like never before. I don’t really feel like I have it all, even if it looks that way on paper. Don’t get me wrong – there are days when I feel like I’m totally killing this whole working mom thing. Healthy meals prepped and ready to go, lunches and snacks prepped for the week, schoolwork organized and complete, clothes for the kids and I ironed and laid out. But trust me when I say that those days are not the norm.

I want to have a career that brings me joy, and to be able to show my daughter how kick ass it is to be a lady. Maybe it’s the fatigue, maybe I’m just having a bad day. I do what I can to make myself feel better – take a step back for a few weeks from blogging and social media. Surround myself with people and things I love. All I know is…right now, I’m not feeling so kick ass. Maybe I’m overthinking this whole thing. My kids are happy and healthy. I wake up everyday beside a man that brings me happiness, laughter and love every single day. Our house may be messy, it may be chaotic, but it is filled with love. I know undoubtedly that every person in our house feels loved every single day. Maybe I’m not doing so bad after all.

Kids Holiday Style with Giant Tiger

The holidays – the food, the fun, the fashion!! I love dressing my kids up for the holidays, and they usually have different outfits for each event. I love love love buying the kids fun outfits, but the price tag usually reins me in, especially around Christmas. However (my apologies to the Budget Master),  I recently discovered Giant Tiger’s kids line of clothing and they are so cute and SO affordable! I can shop away guilt-free!

Giant Tiger Has You Covered with Affordable Kids Wear

Andrew fits into the Monkey Bars brand, which is made for running, jumping and playing. It is durable, stylish, and affordable (I can totally vouch for this – I bought Andrew a few pairs of their jeans for the start of school and even though Andrew plays hard, they are all still in excellent shape three months in). The brand tends to fit on the slim side, which is perfect for my kids.

Unfortunately for me, Andrew has started to have an opinion on what he wears sometimes…and this was one of those times. He refuses to wear dress pants, so we settled on dark jeans so they don’t look quite as casual. I love that they have an elastic waist as Andrew hasn’t quite mastered buttons and zippers yet…or he’s just too busy to care! I paired his dark rinse skinny jeans with a cute plaid shirt. Andrew told me he looks like Daddy in it!



If your kids are anything like mine, they will want the fun holiday wear as well! Andrew was adamant that he have a Christmas shirt and socks – and Giant Tiger totally delivered. I’m not usually a fan of buying holiday-themed shirts and socks, for the sole reason that it won’t get worn for more than a month or two. Yet again – I don’t mind when the prices are as low as they are at Giant Tiger. Andrew’s Christmas socks only cost $1.50 (RIGHT?!?!?!) and his long-sleeved Christmas shirt was $7! We were both happy with our purchases when we left!



I found a Monkey Bars dress for Lily as well, even though she’s still in infant sizes. Giant Tiger had an absolutely adorable holiday dress for her – and the prices are incredible. I have no qualms about buying multiple outfits when the price point is so affordable! The dress is such great quality, and I love that it’s not sleeveless, so it’s a bit warmer for her (you know, in case it actually gets cold here by Christmas! We have been so lucky with weather this year!).


I also love that the skirt of the dress is full, but it doesn’t have a crinoline, so it’s still nice and soft for her. It is a bubble hem, so it’s comfy cozy for my little lady. The shrug is attached to the dress so I don’t have to worry about her losing pieces of her outfit throughout the day. Plus – how sweet is that little flower on her shrug?




It’s only December now – which means you still have enough time to pop in to Giant Tiger to pick out some more holiday outfits for your kids – and while you’re there, I’ll let you in on a little secret – it is an AMAZING place for stocking stuffers for the entire family – you can even buy lottery tickets (in Ontario anyways)! Happy Shopping!

Cleaning for the Holidays with Pine-Sol Lavender

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own!*

To say that December is busy for us is an understatement. My birthday, Ryan’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s….there is a lot of entertaining in our house, and in typical Stephanie-style, my cleaning and prep is usually last minute. For the upcoming holiday season, I’m counting on Pine-Sol Lavender to get me through all my last-minute cleaning.


Pine-Sol has totally upped their game – it’s the same trusted cleaner, but it smells lovely. Pine-Sol Lavender promises to cut through the toughest grease, grime and stains leaving a lavender scent behind. I can honestly say that the product stands up to their claims! Pine-Sol seemed to take a good product and made it even better. Pine-Sol has always been a reliable cleaner, but now it does the job while leaving your house scented with lavender.



The thing that I love most about Pine-Sol Lavender is that it is a multi-surface cleaner – meaning I can whip around the house and clean most surfaces with one cleaner, saving me a ton of time. I can do my kitchen, my floors, and my bathroom with the same cleaner. I even used it on my ceramic cooktop when I was in a rush and it took all the burnt little bits off with minimal work on my part.



The only thing I didn’t love was the bottle itself – while it worked well for diluting and cleaning floors, it wasn’t the greatest for cleaning counters and sinks. I ended up pouring some into a little spray bottle to make the application easier and it was perfect. I would love if it came in a spray bottle where you could twist off the top to pour out of as well.


I was pleasantly surprised with the lavender scent – I didn’t think it would have any staying power, but it left a nice scent throughout the rooms I had cleaned with it.

Now, I’m not usually one to get excited about cleaning products, but I am genuinely looking forward to trying the other new scents that Pine-Sol is introducing. Along with the original Pine-Sol and Lavender, you can also find Pine-Sol in Lemon, Mandarin, and Sparkling Water Scents at grocery, discount, drug, dollar and club retailers. Price points are completely reasonable, starting at $2.99 for 828 ml, $4.49 for 1.4L, or $12.99 for 4.25L.

Happy Cleaning!

Christmas with Cricut + GIVEAWAY!

I love Christmas. Like, seriously, LOVE Christmas. Whether it’s the extra time with family, the festivities, the decor, or the fact that it is acceptable to have every surface covered in glitter….I love Christmas, and Christmas decor in particular.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I won a Cricut at Blogpodium back in September, and I was more than a bit excited about it! I’ve decided that it’s going to be a Cricut Christmas, and I’m going to integrate as much Cricut as I can into gifts, decor and gift wrapping! (And no, this totally isn’t a sponsored post, I am seriously just amazed by what a Cricut can do!) I’m pretty sure you will be amazed as well.

I’ve teamed up with some other Cricut-obsessed bloggers to show just how awesome a Cricut is, especially for the holidays. We all made Christmas ornaments with our Cricuts, and I think you’re going to LOVE them!

My creation was a work in progress but I’m happy with the way it turned out. My vision was a sparkly snow globe ornament for each of my kids with their initial cut out using the Cricut. It had to be sparkly. Obviously. I headed to Michael’s to stock up on supplies for my project. I bought:




  • clear glass ornaments
  • sparkly metallic confetti
  • glycerin
  • Krazy Glue
  • wide wire ribbon
  • glitter vinyl adhesive Cricut sheets





I used my Cricut to cut out letters on the glitter vinyl adhesive – I started out by doing Lily’s entire name but ended up liking the look of just the L – pretty and simple.

Now – learn from my mistakes and fill the ornament BEFORE you put the vinyl letter on! I put the water and the glycerin in a cup and mixed it up well before putting it in the ornament – I’ve been told that the glycerin makes the glitter/confetti float down slower and it seemed to work in mine. Pop off the top of your ornament and carefully pour the water in. Add the glitter afterwards (put in what you think you need and then add a little bit!). Don’t you love my completely precise instructions?



Pop the top back on and wipe the exterior of the ornament well. I used Krazy Glue to seal the top of the ornament to prevent leakage. I let it sit for about an hour to let it dry and seal. Then you can just peel your letter (or name, whatever you prefer!) and stick it on the exterior of the ornament! Just make sure it’s really dry so it will stick. You can use transfer paper if you’re doing an entire name to keep it neat, but I just used tweezers to place the letter.


Annnnnnd because I can’t get enough glitter in one project, I topped the ornament with a glittery gold bow! Now – I’ll be completely honest. This ornament really doesn’t photograph well…I’m sure a professional photographer would be able to get a great shot, but with the floating sparklies inside sinking and settling, and the glare off the the metallic, it doesn’t translate the best. But…you get the idea!


I can’t wait to make even more Christmas goodies with my Cricut! If you have done any awesome Christmas projects with your Cricut, please share below, I would love to see them – I’m a Cricut newbie!

Now on to the part that I’m most excited about! I’ve teamed up with a group of awesome Cricut-loving bloggers to give away a mint green Cricut Explore Air 2.

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents, and one winner will be selected randomly from the widget below.

Good luck!


Now that you’ve seen what the Cricut can do, it’s time to enter to win your own Cricut Explore Air 2!

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Now it’s time to check out the other great Christmas Cricut Ornaments from my Canadian blogging friends!


From top left, they are:

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The Fall Spike Battle Plan: Moms vs Germs

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own!*

One reason I was dreading Andrew starting school (other than the typical ‘growing up too fast’ reasons) is the germ factor. The dreaded Fall Spike – when school-age kids bring germs home from school and spread them to their parents and younger siblings. Not only are colds and flu spread, but there are higher rates of asthma hospitalization and respiratory infections after kids return to school. Ugh. Not good for moms or kids. So far (knocking on wood here), Lily has managed to avoid severe colds, flus, or respiratory infections…and I would like to keep it that way!


To help cope with the Fall Spike, I have partnered with the Real Canadian Superstore to put together a battle plan! Here are a few of my favourite tips:

  • Hand Washing: handwashing is so crucial…and unfortunately not at the top of kids’ priorities. To encourage good hand-washing habits, buy a soap that your kids will be excited to use. Look for unique scents or branding that will appeal to your kids. At this moment, we have a Spiderman hand soap sitting in our powder room!
  • The elbow cough/sneeze: This one is still a work in progress in our house. Ideally, teach kids to cough into their elbow to avoid the transmission of germs. At this point, I think I would be happy if the kids used anything to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. Sigh. We’re totally getting sick any day now.
  • The Flu Shot: Ok, I know this is a touchy subject, and I’m not trying to start a debate around vaccinations…but my husband and I both get our flu shot every year. So if you choose to get you flu shot, now is the time!
  • Saline rinse: When I feel little tickle starting in the back of my throat or nose, I use a saline rinse in the morning and night. I’m pretty sure I can feel the germs leaving my body and my nose feels SO clear afterwards!
  • Eat healthy to keep your body healthy: Stock up on foods that have nutrients that contribute to good overall and immune health during the Fall Spike.
    • Know which foods have the nutrients you’re looking for. Some examples are:
    • Vitamin C: anti-oxidant for overall health, found in citrus fruits
    • Vitamin E: another anti-oxidant important for good overall health, found in seeds/nuts
    • Zinc: helps with immune function, found in nuts and seeds
    • Vitamin A: for immune health, found in orange vegetables such as sweet potato and butternut squash
    • Protein: helps build and repair body tissues and antibodies, found in meats, eggs, seafood, milk products, legumes, nuts and seeds

Now, I know including all these and understanding what they are is easier said than done. You can introduce your family to new ingredients that have the nutrients you’re looking for by trying different textures and colours, and adding them individually to meals so everyone grows accustomed to eating them – Real Canadian Superstore even has in-store registered dietitians that can work with you to understand what nutrient-rich foods you should be eating, and provide recipes to try them in.


My local Real Canadian Superstore has become a crucial part of my Fall Spike Battle Plan – it is a one-stop shop for all the products to help you stay healthy during cold and flu season. You can get your flu shot in the Superstore pharmacy, access dieticians to help ensure you are getting all the needed nutrients into your families’ tummies, buy all the food while you’re there…and if the dreaded cold or flu still manages to hit your house, you can still visit your local Superstore for all the tissues, disinfectants and medications you’ll need!

Pop into your local Superstore or Loblaws to find out how they can help you battle the Fall Spike!

What is your Fall Spike Battle Plan? Is there anything I am missing on my list to prevent illness now that Andrew is in school?

Why Medela is a Must for New Moms + GIVEAWAY

*Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Medela Canada and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. However, the opinions on this blog and my love for Medela are my own!*

If there is one thing that all new moms have in common, it is the need for simplicity. A need for things in their life to be easy. With the lack of sleep, a new baby to care for, and a new lifestyle to adjust to, anything that helps make a new mom’s life easier is a must. There is a reason why Medela’s trio of products is award-winning. The Freestyle Pump, Calma Feeding System, and MyMedela app just simply make life easier for new moms. All three products have won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal ( – this means that they have been tested and approved by REAL moms!

I had all these dreams when I was pregnant of having a baby, putting him to my breast, and breastfeeding him would be all magical and easy. BAHAHAHAHAHA. Not. At. All. Some lucky moms have that experience, but for me and many other breastfeeding moms, those first few weeks look completely different.


For me, breastfeeding was painful, my supply was low, I was bleeding…it was not a pretty sight. As I mentioned in a previous post, my Medela Freestyle Pump was critical in helping me build my supply  so I was able to successfully breastfeed. But, then I had a new problem on my hands – I had worked so hard at building my supply to be able to breastfeed that I was terrified to give him a bottle in case it made breastfeeding harder. I’m pretty sure every new mom has heard of nipple confusion – I know there are arguments about whether it exists or not, but for me, the possibility of it terrified me. After I had worked so hard to breastfeed, I didn’t want to do anything to make it harder again. I struggled for a few weeks, refusing to give a bottle for fear he wouldn’t go back to breastfeeding. My husband and family gently coaxed me to give it a try.


On the advice of many people, I tried the Medela Calma nipple, as it is touted to be the closest to breastfeeding. From a technical standpoint, it makes total sense. There are many similarities between how they breastfeed and how they drink from the Calma – they have control of feeding (breastmilk stops when they need to pause and breathe), and they use the same facial muscles as they do when breastfeeding to create a vacuum (which actually reduces the risk of ear infections, who knew?!)


I’ll be honest here – it looks weird and it’s kind of a pain to put all the pieces together every time but it is TOTALLY worth it. I was able to switch back and forth between breast and bottle seamlessly (even within the same feed when I was supplementing with pumped milk). You know what else? It made my heart melt to see Ryan having the opportunity to feed Andrew and cuddle up with him when he’s all milk-drunk and sleepy…something I got to do every couple hours. It was so nice to let Daddy experience it as well. It made my life loads easier too, because….you guessed it! Someone else can feed the baby now! I could leave for longer than an hour at a time, knowing that if baby was hungry, someone else could feed him too. Is there any bigger relief for a new mom?


I waited a bit longer than I should have to introduce the bottle (solely out of my own unfounded fear!); it is best to introduce the Calma system around 3-5 weeks. This is so the baby has an established feeding pattern but isn’t resistant to change and the introduction of a bottle. In the beginning, we found that bottle feeding was easier when I left the room and Daddy took over by himself, so baby can’t smell Mama.


This leads me to the entire point of this post – why Medela is an absolute must for new moms. You can read HERE all about why the Medela Freestyle rocks. The Calma Feeding System allows you to introduce babies to bottles without any worries about it impacting breastfeeding. And finally – they have introduced an app that makes life even easier for new moms. They seriously think about everything. No wonder it’s an award-winning trio!


The MyMedela app is pretty cool, and is available in English and French in Canada. You should definitely check it out if you are nursing or pregnant, especially because it’s FREE! The app seriously has more stuff than I would ever even think to have – but it is all so useful! You can start by tracking your pregnancy, and it brings up articles that are relevant to where you are in your pregnancy or your baby’s development. You can track EVERYTHING in it. For realsies. You can track: breastfeeding, pumping, sleeping, diapers, height, and weight. You can manage goals and accomplishments, get advice and find answers to everything baby and pregnancy related and you can even find a lactation consultant! One surprising thing that I found on the app was the Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment – it helps you pinpoint where you are totally rocking at breastfeeding to give you a boost of confidence, and highlights some areas that you are still unsure of, giving you articles and tips to help out. The app isn’t just for nursing mommas either – there is tracking for formula on there too! The app is very user-friendly – really easy to navigate no matter how tired you are!


Another thing that I love about the MyMedela App is that it is like a one-stop shop for information. Most moms usually have their phones with them during their nighttime nursing sessions, which is  usually the time when moms have a million questions running through their head. It’s easy to just pop on to the app to find answers to your questions – it’s a quick and convenient source for trusted information.



The Medela Trio truly does make life easier for new moms – between the Double Electric Freestyle Pump, the Calma Feeding System, and the MyMedela app, it makes a new mom’s life just a little bit easier!

Now on to the part that I am most excited to share with all of you! Someone is going to win their own Medela Double Electric Freestyle Pump (valued at $495 CDN)!!! All you need to do is enter below! Good luck mommas! (Open to Canada only, excl. Quebec).

Medela #MedelaCanada Freestyle Double
Breast Pump Giveaway

Family Traditions with Giant Tiger

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and love for Giant Tiger is my own!*


When I tell stories about growing up with my family, they are riddled with family traditions – whether it be annual vacations or holiday traditions, family traditions have always been a part of my life. Some of my best memories growing up are intertwined with our family traditions, and always helped with bonding and creating a positive family connections, even in the throes of sibling rivalry and teenage angst. It has been so important to me to incorporate traditions into my own little family.



One tradition that we have started within our family is Friday Night Movie Night. We curl up on the couch together with some snacks and let Andrew pick a family-friendly movie to watch. It has become one of my favourite times of the week – we all get to put on our comfy pj’s and snuggle up together for a couple hours.



With the weather getting colder, it’s time to get the fireplace going and get into our comfiest loungewear for movie nights. Thankfully, Giant Tiger has us covered at a price that Budget Master appreciates! I picked up cozy onesies for all of us! You can buy them for the entire family, from teeny newborns, toddlers, kids, and adults – even have plus size! As an added bonus, I picked up all our movie night treats while I was there too!




One of my favourite things about the onesies were the hoods – mine was purrrrrfect (hah, see what I did there?!) There is a ton of prints for adults, I picked a cute white onesie with pink hearts – girly and cozy, the perfect combination! Ryan got a manly camo-print onesie (although they did have funny novelty onesies as well!). The kids onesies were adorable too – there was a variety or print and animal ones. Andrew thought his dragon onesie was pretty cool with all the details on the hood and body. Lily’s is a sweet pink, white and purple print that is just so adorable for her. The onesies are all so incredibly soft – when I pulled Lily’s out of the laundry, she curled up with it on the floor like a pillow. They are just as soft and fluffy after they have been washed too! Everyone loves their onesies…and the mom in me appreciated how warm, cozy, and affordable they all are! Even the adult ones were under $30 each!




I can’t wait to curl up in our snuggly onesies every week for Friday Night Movie Night! Only thing we need now is a doggie onesie for Sookie…she’s probably silently thanking Giant Tiger right now for not making them.


Do you have any family traditions? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear all about them!

The Teething Egg Review + Giveaway


I few months ago, I was sent a new teething toy for Lily to try, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! She has been doing some hard core teething lately, and has been gnawing on anything and everything! The Teething Egg is a unique teething toy that I had never heard of before I was sent one to try. It is a smooth egg-shaped teether, that is firm yet has a bit of give to it for chewing.



Let me share the things that I love about the Teething Egg:

  1. It’s the perfect size for little hands and mouth! Lily can hold it and roll it around in her hands while chomping away.
  2. It has a clip attached! Lily likes to throw things like she’s a Blue Jay in the playoffs, and with the clip I can attach it to her shirt to prevent it flying across the room or out of the stroller. Less throwing = less germs! The clip is really easy to use, and can be unclipped and clipped with one hand.
  3. It comes in so many cute colours, and the tether is an adorable chevron pattern! Because, obviously, the look of a toy is of uber importance. You can get the egg in mint green, pink, yellow, and baby blue.
  4. It’s safe! It is BPA free, Phthalate free, lead free, and PVC-free.
  5. It actually helps! There have been times since I’ve received it when I’ve passed it to Lily in the car when she’s fussy and she will settle right down when she starts chewing away on it. I know she was doing some good chomping because I can see tons of teeth marks on it when she’s done with it!
  6. You can throw it in the fridge to cool it down to help soothe sore gums.edit1



And now to the exciting part! One of you lucky mommas is getting a chance to win your own Teething Egg! I have one Teething Egg that will find a new home with one of you lucky readers! Just head over to my Facebook page, and let me know who in your life needs a little teething relief!


You can check out The Teething Egg on their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

The Tired Mom’s Guide To Skin Care with Vichy


I am almost ashamed to admit it, but…I used to skip washing my face at night, but had no problem complaining about how gross my skin has gotten. Puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines around my eyes, and dull, lifeless skin. And before you start telling me how important it is to take your makeup off and wash your face every night, I totally know that already. But when I’m faced with “take care of you and your skin before bed” or “your head could be on that pillow in under 3o seconds”, I opt for sleep every time. My lack of skin care is not helping the fact that I’m (GULP) in my thirties, and starting to worry about wrinkles and lines. The lack of sleep situation is working against me as well.

And then I had the chance to try a few of Vichy’s new skincare products, which I feel are made for tired moms. They sent me three products to try together and mommas, let me tell you – they are the skincare dream team.


Let me take a moment to introduce you to my new best friends!

First up is the Purete Thermale One Step Cleansing 3-in-1 Micellar Solution. If I’m being honest, I was more than a little sceptical of this one, as it is supposed to be a cleanser, toner and eye-makeup remover in one. I thought “uh-huh. Sure. Won’t be putting away my makeup remover just yet.” But guys, for real – this stuff really does do it all! I just pour a bit on a cotton ball, clean off my eye makeup, and then do a second one for the rest of my face. If I have a LOT of makeup one (you know, for the rare times I have a social event that requires full makeup), I will use my eye makeup remover first but still do a secondary clean with the micellar solution. After I cleanse with it, my skin is super soft, and isn’t all tight and dry, like after using some toners. Another bonus for anyone with sensitive skin – no scent!


Next up is the Vichy Idealia Eyes. I was first intrigued by the tube – the cream comes in a little tube with a little silicon applicator. You squeeze a bit onto the applicator and then brush it under your eyes, and up into your crows feet, if you have them like I do. I actually saw a difference almost immediately with this eye cream. The dark circles under my eyes lessened, became less puffy, and looked much brighter overall. Even my husband noticed a difference! I will say that the applicator takes some practice to get just right. At first I found it pulled the skin a bit, or I put too much cream on and it didn’t sink in right away. Once I got the hang of getting the perfect amount of cream on, I can have both eyes done in under a minute. Now I put it on quickly, it doesn’t pull the delicate skin around my eye, and the cream absorbs very quickly. My fine lines are unfortunately still there (I don’t think anything will get rid of them short of Botox – but hey, maybe that’s another blog post for another day), but regular usage of the cream definitely lightened them so they’re not as noticeable.


The last step in my new skincare regimen is the Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream. I started using this cream every morning. I first fell in love with the pretty pink jar, but then I also began to adore the stuff inside! It is a light moisturizing cream that hydrates your skin but isn’t sticky or greasy. I can put it on and start putting makeup on right after. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft every day!


Overall, I found that the using all three products together made a tremendous difference in my skin, and makes me feel better about dragging my tired butt out of the house every day. My fine lines have lessened, my skin has lost that dull appearance, and looks brighter and more refreshed. My eyes are less puffy, my dark circles have gone down. And the best part about it? The whole routine only takes a few minutes before bed. Seriously. I’m in and out of my bathroom in under three minutes with soft, clean skin. Who doesn’t want that?