My Favourite Local Getaway – Ste. Anne’s Spa

With the cold weather rolling in, and life getting busier, I am SO wishing I was back visiting Ste. Anne’s!

When the weather was warmer, I snuck away for a day with a few of my favourite blogger babes, Cathy from A Boy and his Mom and Kait from Teacups and Things. We somehow got lucky with some warm weather and I got to experience a whole other side of Ste. Anne’s; I’ve only been there in the winter before!

The first major difference going in warm weather is the view and property. I always thought Ste. Anne’s was beautiful in the winter, especially with tons of freshly fallen snow. It really is breathtaking to see the property with all their gardens in bloom. I had never walked the grounds before, but spent some time wandering around outside. There are hammocks all over the the property so you can curl up and nap or read a book whenever you feel like it. I had a pretty epic nap in a solo hammock in a little gazebo. There are few times as a mom that I feel completely relaxed and have a sense of solitude…but this was one of those times. I had originally had plans to go see the stables but I ended up spending so much time at the pool and in the hammocks that I ran out of time!


I am a huge lover of spas, but somehow I had never gotten a facial before this trip to Ste. Anne’s. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations because I figured it would probably just be someone rubbing some cream on my face, but oh sweet Nelly was I ever wrong. The facial starts off with a foot soak before you hop up onto bed for the most blissful hours of your life. They did rub some creams on my face as I expected, but they also massaged a good portion of my body between facial applications. I don’t know if it was the scent or all the massaging on my body and face but I was so relaxed and happy by the end of it (which probably contributed to the nap that followed). If you are heading to Ste. Anne’s anytime soon, the facial is worth EVERY penny. Trust me!

Because we got lucky with a warm, sunny day, we got to spend some time down at the pool, which was downright lovely. It is just as peaceful and relaxing as the rest of the property. Customer service did not disappoint at the pool, where there tons of fluffy towels and beverages waiting for you. It was busy at the pool, but we were still able to get some loungers without a problem (and it was a busy Saturday).


The food, as always, was absolutely divine. We sat outside on thepatio for lunch and the view was just beautiful. I ordered a salad and sandwich and it was just filling enough without making me feel bloated. Afternoon tea was as lovely as always – I love that you don’t have to choose one or two things at tea, you get the sweet, the savory, fresh fruits and cheese. As a note for anyone with dietary restrictions – Ste. Anne’s is completely accommodating if you let your server know your restrictions.

Pro Tip – I hate being hot and my body temperature tends to run on the warm side. If this sounds like you as well, you can ask for a lightweight summer robe at reception instead of the thick warm robes that are typically given out outside of the summer months.

As I write this, I am already longing to go back to Ste. Anne’s. Maybe someone should tell hubby that a trip to Ste. Anne’s would make an AMAZING birthday or Christmas present..