Mommy Mondays

The second part of the Momtourage double header took us to one of my absolute favorite places. I was hesitant to share this little gem on my blog, only because I worry other mommas will love it as much as me and I won’t be able to get in anymore! However, I couldn’t resist, because I love giving local businesses a little love and free advertising, especially when the staff and services are as exceptional as this…so sit back, relax, and let me tell you all about Maison Blanc!

After lunch, we headed to Maison Blanc Day Spa, located in downtown Whitby, where they have Mommy Mondays at the spa. Imagine this…walking into a beautiful, elegant spa, decorated in vintage French decor. You walk in and are greeted by friendly staff. They take your coat, provide you with spa slippers, get you settled to wait in a beautiful sitting room where you are offered tea and snacks. Sounds pretty nice, huh? Now imagine that you can have that experience with your baby in tow! (And when I sit back and dream about it, my sweet angel is never crying or screaming, he’s always in awe of the beauty and calm surrounding him…hey, a girl can dream, right?)
Little Char in awe of the gorgeous decor


Little A waiting to go upstairs
Maison Blanc offers a whole host of services on Mondays for mommies where their babies are welcome. I’ve looked at different spas in Toronto that have mommy days, and there is one huge difference. Most of the spas offer to take your baby to a playroom while you have your treatment. Now, I can’t be the only crazy momma out there that is NOT comfortable sending my baby off with a stranger out of my view just so I can get nails done. At Maison Blanc, they have staff take care of the babies right in front of you. They set up a playmat with toys, and your baby is never out of your sight. Pretty awesome, huh? Check it out:


Next thing I love about Maison Blanc – the service. It is absolutely spectacular. No detail is left untouched. They are patient and understanding of the babies, taking breaks to help out when another pair of hands is needed for baby cuddles, and have no problem stopping in the middle of a service if Mom is needed for some soothing. The staff are fantastic with the babies, and for the most part, the babies loved all the attention from the staff – check out A below:
Clearly, A doesn’t look too distressed being away from me
We have all had manicures and pedicures there, and they do a fantastic job. Every time I go, I feel completely de-stressed and get pampered like a princess. I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about this place! The staff all does a wonderful job, and every person I’ve met there is friendly and welcoming – especially the owner, Nancy. I adore this place and just can’t give it enough love!
One of the highlights of a pedicure there is the seat – hands down, most luxurious pedicure chair I’ve been in:
Mandy & Jen


Ahhh…now this is bliss!


Mandy taking a little time to snuggle with London

Following our services, they always offer us beverages to relax afterwards. My personal fave is the Cacao tea, served with a little biscotti – delicious!

Every inch of the spa is like dessert for your eyes – everything is just so feminine and pretty!


If you check out their calendar, they have lots of fun girls nights, like Manicure & Bellini night! I haven’t had a chance to take advantage of their services baby-less, but I will definitely be coming back with and without A (Hubby, are you reading this? Hint hint, nudge, nudge….my first Mother’s Day is coming up 😉 
Since I never think to bring my real camera with me, all I have are photos from my phone – and my crappy iPhone photos just do not do this place justice, so check out their website and have a peek. You will not be disappointed if you treat yourself here!
Maison Blanc Day Spa –
159 Brock St. N. Whitby, ON  

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