Mom Fail #129640643

So this isn’t going to be ‘real’ post, just a…quick and dirty one. Hah, very appropriate, considering the content to come.

Fellow mommies, ever have a moment when you think, “Crap. That was a huge mom fail.” Well, I have had plenty of those moments. The most recent was this past week at Beans & Babes with the dwindling Momtourage.
A had been on antibiotics for just over a week, and for those of you that don’t know (don’t be embarrassed if you don’t, I didn’t know until this past week), antibiotics can cause some serious diarrhea in babies and kids.  A had been having some serious bowel trouble since on the medication (which involved me handwashing sleepers about five times a matter how tight I did up those dang diapers) and had been living in sleepers while we had been hanging at home. A smart mom would have continued to keep her baby in easy to remove clothing, even if they were going out for a playdate.
But NOOOOOOOOOOO, I got all excited that he wasn’t contagious and put the kid in overalls and a onesie. Things were going great…until I smelled a familiar, foul odor. I grabbed a diaper, wipes, and change pad and headed to the bathroom. If you are eating or have a weak stomach, you might want to move on to the next site in your list of internet surfing. You’re still here? Ok, consider yourself forewarned. 
The kid had shit everywhere. Literally. Up to his shoulder blades. And I had to wrangle a onesie and overalls off of him. Sweet sleepers, where were you when I needed you? Wipes just weren’t cutting it. I pretty much had to bathe A in the sink.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, I realized once he was clean and dry that….I hadn’t brought any clothes into the bathroom. Shit. Pun intended.
And so, this happened:
Jen and Mandy just about killed themselves laughing when I came strolling out of the washroom with a naked baby. Don’t worry, I had clothes in his diaper bag, he wasn’t naked for the rest of the afternoon. 
Now, I’m not one to embarrass easily, but I was thanking my lucky stars that we were at Beans and not Il Fornello or something…because other than the moms I was with, not one person in there even gave us a second glance. Moral of the story? When your kid keeps having shit-splosions, stick to baby-friendly venues 😉
Now dear readers, please tell me that I’m not the only one out there who has had mom fails? Pretty please share some of your stories!

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