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I love hearing family stories, and stories of items being passed down from one generation to another. This past Christmas, Andrew inherited one of Ryan’s favourite toys from when he was a child – a huge Rubbermaid bin filled with Lego. Ryan’s mom kept his Lego from his childhood for all these years, and Ryan passed it onto Andrew at Christmas. It was Andrew’s first time with Lego, and he was a fan from the start. It is so sweet to see Ryan and Andrew bonding over the Lego. Over Christmas vacation, they spent hours building elaborate structures together. I knew at that moment that Legoland would be in our future!

When we had the opportunity to visit Legoland Toronto as a family, we jumped at the opportunity – we knew it would be an unforgettable day for Andrew, and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. We told him where we were going, and showed him a few pictures online, but I don’t think anything could have prepared him for the sight of it when we walked in.

Due to the fact that we were going on the weekend, we planned to arrive early, as I had heard that there were lineups to get in, and there was limited capacity. It does get busy early (there were lineups when we got there), but it is very organized, with lineups for seasons pass holders (now how much would Andrew love that?!), prepaid tickets, and a line to buy tickets.

Andrew’s head was spinning from the moment we got in line – the exterior of the store looks like it is built out of Lego, and there was lots to look at as we were waiting inside the store once they opened. Downfall of waiting in line is that it is inside the store – meaning I heard tons of “Mommy I want that!”

You follow a set path throughout most of Legoland, and as we were there early, it moved pretty well, although I wonder if it gets crowded at peak times. I was actually surprised that it wasn’t busier – on a Sunday morning. It might have something to do with the fact that entry is delayed, so only one group starts at a time. The design is actually pretty smart – your visit begins with a group photo before you enter, so you enter with peopleabout a minute ahead and behind you, so there aren’t mass crowds piling in at once. You can see your photo when you go inside – they are a little on the pricier side (smallest package is $18), but you can pick whatever background you choose as the photo is shot on a green screen.legoedit3

Once you do your photo, you go through the Lego Factory, where you can see how Lego is made, and see your height and weight in Lego bricks. Following from there you can do the Kingdom Quest ride, and look at Mini Town. That was my personal favorite – they have built some of the most well known areas and attractions from Toronto. It was pretty cool to see!


Once you get into the main area, there is SO much to do! Andrew and Ryan loved the Mini Racers, where you can build your own car and race it down different ramps. The cafe is there too, although we didn’t try it, as we went shopping and out for lunch afterwards (what can I say, if I’m at Vaughan Mills, I’m going to shop!). The Fire Training is great to burn energy – it’s a big play structure that is enclosed so kids can only get in/out through an entrance manned with staff.

legoedit20  legoedit18

Another bonus was that once you get into the main area, it is pretty stroller-friendly. I had no problem navigating my Britax throughout Legoland. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of seating throughout, but we just plopped down on the floor a few times when we needed a break, and saw tons of other families doing the same thing. If you’re nursing a baby like I was, I found curling up on the ground outside the Fire Training was perfect, as I knew Andrew was contained and I could just relax while I nursed Lily.

legoedit5   legoedit9



The one thing I loved the most about Legoland was that there is tons to do – there are bins of Lego and baseplates everywhere, so if Andrew had a creative urge, he could wander over and start building. The decor was great – Lego structures everywhere, there was even a Lego motorcycle that Andrew particularly liked.

legoedit11  legoedit12

legoedit10   legoedit1

The rides were pretty fun as well, although there are only two, so I could see the lines getting long if it was really busy. I liked how interactive they were – in one you shoot at objects throughout the ride, and the other one you have to pedal to get your carriage in the air…so at least I got some cardio in while I was there! Andrew loved both rides.


The 3D movie was really fun – it’s not too long, and Andrew was pretty excited by it. A bonus is that the movie changes every fifteen minutes, so you could go more than once.

Next time I go, I would like to take advantage of the classes they offer. They happen fairly often in a classroom in the main area. It looked pretty cool and a few different classes are offered throughout the day. Maybe next time when Lily isn’t so little!

They even had a play area for little ones, Lily’s favourite part was the big foam Lego bricks, where she killed some energy crawling and climbing.

legoedit7 legoedit8

The one thing that I didn’t like about Legoland was the passport that they sell when you buy your ticket. It is a lanyard with a booklet of Lego information with spots to collect stamps. We were told that you collect stamps at each Stamp Station throughout, and they get a reward if they got all the stamps. We figured the reward would be some type of Lego, like a Mini-Figure, but it was a little plastic badge to put on the lanyard. Andrew (and us to be honest) was pretty bummed about the prize. There was Lego trivia and activities to do within the passport, but Andrew was a little young for it. It might be fun for older kids to do, but not really worth it for a 3-year old.


All in all – a great way to spend the day as a family. Although it is all Lego-based, there is such a variety of activities that I’m sure it would entertain any kid!

Check out Legoland Toronto’s website, and visit them on Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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  1. Brandee H says:

    My son loves Legoland. It is extra funto visit on a quiet day. The staff are amazing!! They always go out of their way to make sure kids are having a blast!

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