Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day has always been a big day in our household, as we get to celebrate one of the most amazing women I know – my mom! I could write pages and pages about how wonderful she is, but the post would never end. Instead, I want to thank her for the most important thing she taught me – how to be a good mom. I’m nowhere near the mom she is, but she has provided me with a shining example of what I strive to be as a mommy. She has given my sister and I unconditional love, and supported me throughout my life, no matter what shenanigans I got myself into.

My sister, mom and I with the babes back in October


Before I go any further, I want to wish all my momma and momma-to-be friends a very happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all got spoiled rotten, because you deserve it! Being a mommy is a wonderful job, but one of the hardest!
I took some time to reflect back on becoming a mom, and I think it was everything and nothing like I was expecting. I knew that I would love my baby with everything I had, but I was completely unprepared for this new, and completely overwhelming love I had for that teeny tiny little boy. He has changed my life in so many ways, and I can’t imagine my life without him.

This Mother’s Day was particularly important as it was my first! Hubby sure did spoil me. To begin the day, and most importantly, he woke up in the morning with A and let me sleep in. Ahhhh….sleep past 6:30. Heavenly. Although, I’ll be honest – I was still up with him at 3:30 to feed. I love my son, but look forward to the night when I can put him down in the evening and not see him again until the morning.
True Love – my man and I in October

After I put A down for his morning nap, my main squeeze made breakfast for me, which was delicious. I’m enjoying the adult-prepared breakfast, as I’ve heard from some of my friends that have older children that when the kids are old enough to prepare it, breakfast usually consists of something like a yogurt, a cookie, and a half-eaten banana. Served in your bed with crumbs and juice splashed around your duvet. Maybe I’ll luck out and A will turn out to be a child prodigy in the kitchen.
Hands down the best moment of the day was when I first came down in the morning – I came down the stairs and my fur-baby beagle named Sookie was waiting for me – I got kisses from her and then went over to see A who was standing at the coffee table. I bent down to see him, he reached his chubby little hands up, wrapped them around my neck and planted a big kiss on me. Best. Moment. Ever.

He spoiled me with flowers, a heartfelt card, and tickets to a Jays game – yeah, that’s right, I’m a long-time Jays fan. My love for the blue and white is for baseball, not hockey! We are going to attempt to take A to a Jays game with us. When he was just a wee boy, he received a Jays hat and t-shirt as gifts, so we can’t let them go to waste! Have any of you taken your babes to a sporting event? Any hints or tips?
I hope all of you out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Tell me about it in the comments below – did you get spoiled?

I know as moms we have a tendency to blame ourselves when things don’t go as expected with our kids, and we tend to put ourselves last. So moms, I challenge you – spoil yourself today. Do something just for yourself with no regret or hesitation. Because I know you deserve it. Happy Mother’s Day!

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