Gazillion Bubbles – A Gazillion Magical Moments

Bubbles are one of those universal activities that all kids seem to like, it doesn’t matter what their age is. My kids are no exception – they can play with bubbles for extended periods of time. Unfortunately for me, they usually want help from me getting lots and lots of big bubbles! Enter Gazillion Bubbles and your problem is solved.

Funrise Toys recently sent us their new game, Bubble Pong, from their Gazillion Bubbles line. We took it up to the cottage to test out, and it was a huge hit! Bubble Pong works like a very similar adult game that involved alcohol, but instead of drinking, kids get blasted in the face with bubbles when their opponent gets a ball in their side. Fun for kids, and fun for adults to watch!

Even our dog, Sookie, got in on the action. She tuckered herself out chasing all the bubbles with the kids. Lily spent a looooonngg time just chasing bubbles when we switched it over to the bubble machine setting.

Check Sookie out in the background! She loves it as much as the kids!


Sookie’s bubble dedication is impressive

What I love about the Bubble Pong machine:

  • it has a few different modes. You can use it as machine to play bubble pong with the machine keeping score for you. This mode was great for Andrew, he loved the game play and having bubbles explode in his face when the other team scored.
  • There are attachments to make the game harder/easier, depending on who is playing.
  • The machine holds a fair amount of bubble solution at one time, meaning I don’t need to fill it up every two minutes
  • The bubble machine setting works amazingly well – You just switch it over to bubble machine mode and bubbles come flying out of both ends.
  • It is a pretty durable machine – we have had a few different bubble machines and none have stood the test of time. They usually malfunction fairly often and end up breaking after a few uses. We have had this one on repeat for a few weeks now and it works as well as the day we got it.

The bubble output is amazing!

What I didn’t love about the Bubble Pong machine:

  • It has to be taken apart to put it back in the box. Ok, I know I’m stretching a bit here, but I love when toys can just be put back in their boxes for safekeeping and easy storage when not in use. A few of the pieces/attachments need to be taken off to get it back in the box, but it can be put back in.

I also just have to give a serious shoutout to the quality of the bubble solution (and in all honesty, I didn’t even know there was a difference in quality until we tried the big bottle of Gazillion Bubbles). I typically buy bubble solution at the dollar store (my kids go through it like crazy throughout the summer, between using it and spilling it). The kids (Lily in particular) aren’t always able to get bubbles out of the cheap wands/solution. Lily busted open the Gazillion Bubbles solution and instantly was able to get lots of big bubbles on her own.Unexpectedly, I guess with bubble solution you get what you pay for!

Bubble Pong far exceeded my expectations. For the price point, well worth it to make summer memories with my kids!

Bubble Pong includes 1 game console, 6 ping pong balls, 2 removable trays, 2 removable bumpers, and an 8 oz bottle of Gazillion Bubbles Solution
Age: 3+
Price: $29.99
Availability: Walmart & Toys “R” Us Canada

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