Farms & Forks Organics – Review and Discount Code

One of my favourite activities, especially with a baby, is to stroll around different farmers markets in the summer. It’s such a lovely experience to walk around and chat with all the farmers and vendors, and I go home with delicious, fresh veggies. Unfortunately, being in Canada, that ends in October.
However, I just discovered a new service that can get you as close as possible to that experience. You don’t get to walk around outside and chat with people, but you still get fresh, organic produce!

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Farms & Forks Organics is a family business that works with providers across Ontario to deliver fresh, organic produce across the GTA. It was started by threee families who wanted to provide a service that made it easy for people to eat healthy – like shopping at a farmer’s market, with no order minimum or commitments.

In the summer, I started ordering a produce box from a local business, which I loved. The only downfall is that there were often things no one in the family liked, so we sometimes had waste. Farm & Forks Organics addresses that issue – they offer produce boxes as well that you can schedule (weekly, bi-weekly), or you can just buy one at a time with no commitment. The thing that I really love is that you can go into the box and take things out that you don’t like and replace with other produce. It is seriously SO easy! Their website is so clear and user-friendy, even for my sleep deprived brain.

To give you more bang for your buck, they also offer everything else a grocery store does – dairy, meat, bakery, etc. You can even buy diapers and wipes!

Best of all is that they offer free delivery if you buy a produce box or spend  $75 on a predetermined delivery day. I mean, c’mon – how much easier does it get to eat healthy?

Plus, Farms & Forks have offered to give you lovely readers a discount on your first order! Just head over to and create an account. Do your shopping, and at check out, enter DRM15 for 15% off your first order!Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.17.49 AM

But now, I want to share a bit of my experience with my first Farms & Forks delivery! My box arrived within the pre-determined delivery time (Tuesday from 4pm-8pm), in a branded box on my doorstep.


Now, I had plans to take some nice shots of the box and the contents with a real camera and proper lighting after taking the quick Iphone pic above…but I left the box on the counter, came back and my three-year old had almost unloaded the whole box. He got used to unloading the produce boxes in the summer and wasted no time with this one. The produce was exactly as ordered, and was all fresh – exactly what I would pick in the grocery store. Along with my produce box, I also ordered a few healthy treats to try.



First up was Neal Brothers Organic Cheese Pops. They were absolutely delicious. I could lie and say I ate them in moderation, but….they were so good I devoured the entire bag watching trashy reality TV. Totally worth it!







One of my impulse buys was the Shockingly Healthy Peppermint Brownies. They are made with….chickpeas. That’s right. I was pretty skeptical about them, because I’m not a chickpea fan…and because I pretty much adore dessert. There were rave reviews about them and they were a featured item, so I figured I would try them. And let me tell you – for a dessert that is actually good for you, OHMAGAWD were they ever good. The only thing was that there was a (very) slight after taste, but only if you actually paid attention. They were well worth it. SO GOOD. I’ll be buying them again with my next order!


There are still tons of things I want to try on my next order. Farms & Forks offers a wide selection of pre-made healthy meals that I would like to try to take a night off from cooking without feeling guilty!

Click here to pop over to Farms & Forks to place your first order (don’t forget to use the discount code)!

Happy Shopping!

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