Durham Farm Connections Farm Open House

So for all you local (Durham Region) parents, this is a super cute and FREE event happening in Brooklin on Wednesday, April 6 from 4:30-8:30 – it is the Durham Farm Connections Farm Open House, being held at Luther Vipond Memorial Arena. Admission is free, although they are accepting donations of canned goods to go to a local food bank.

It teaches kids (and adults, if I’m being honest!) about agriculture, including chatting with farmers, and learning about dairy, beef, pork, poultry, sheep, vegetables, apples and crops.


I know it’s kind of an awkward time with school and dinner, but if you can make it, it’s a fun event that isn’t too long. We took Andrew for the first time last year, and he had a blast. They teach kids about where their food comes from, and has live animal exhibits (this was the big draw for Andrew, along with the tractors). There are hands-on demonstrations to watch, such as cheese making and cow milking. Last year, they had a little fake cow with a rubber udder for kids to learn how to milk a cow. No joke, Andrew still talks about that, and demonstrates how to do it. Kids can enter a draw by colouring a picture, and there is also a draw to win a Durham Farm Fresh basket.


No matter when you come, there are always demonstrations going on; the schedule is below:

5pm: Sheep Shearing

5:15pm: Cheese Making

5:30pm: Food Demonstration

6pm: Cow Milking

6:15pm: Cheese Making

6:30pm: Food Demonstration

6:45pm: Meet a Veterinarian

7pm: Sheep Shearing

7:15pm: Cheese Making

7:30pm: Cow Milking

7:45pm: Meet a Veterinarian

8pm: Sheep Shearing

It’s a simple, fun, educational community event, so please come out and support Durham Farm Connections!

For more information, visit their websiteFacebookTwitter, or YouTube.

Hope to see you there!

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