Boys + Bathrooms – How Clorox Helps Me Cope

Oh Clorox. It’s like you know me. When I moved in with my husband, I adjusted to cleaning up after one male…and then my son started using the toilet. Moms of boys – you know what I’m saying. Little boys in the bathroom are just gross. Just when I’m getting to the end of my rope with needing to clean our toilets on a daily basis due to a potty-trained preschooler, you send me something to make my life a little easier. Before having kids, cleaning products wouldn’t thrill me. Now, however, I understand the true importance of having cleaning products that make your life easier – which is why I was legitimately excited to find out that Clorox was sending me their Disinfecting ToiletWand Toilet Cleaning System for me to try out.


The system comes with a toilet cleaning wand handle, and six disposable, disinfecting cleaning head refills that are preloaded with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. Plus it comes with a little caddy where you can store your handle and refills – it’s white and pretty slim so it’s easy to stash somewhere in the bathroom.


There are a few things that I loved about using the ToiletWand above all is that it is hands-free – my hands literally never come close to touching the cleaner and the gross toilet bowl. Secondly – it cleans really well! The little head is pretty flexible and easily scrubbed grossness from under the rim. I think it was the first time I voluntarily had my head in the toilet bowl because I was impressed with how easily it scrubbed it clean. It kills 99.9% of germs! Andrew even wanted to get in on the scrubbing action when he saw how excited I was!

IMG_8417 IMG_8418

Getting the disposable heads on and off was ridiculously easy too (and you legitimately didn’t need to touch them at all). You just put the heads inside the storage caddy when you open them, and push the handle down to click it in. When you’re done scrubbing, you just push a button to release it into the garbage so you don’t have a dirty toilet brush lingering around. Easy-peasy. That’s my kind of cleaning.


Now – one thing I was apprehensive about with a system like this is the cost of the refills. So often I find a cleaning tool like this, but the cost for the refills is ridiculous. The refills for the Toilet Wand are actually pretty affordable, I found them at Walmart for $3.69 for 6 refills! The system itself is fairly cheap to buy as well – only $7.99 at Walmart for the wand, storage caddy and 6 refills.

I would definitely recommend giving the Clorox ToiletWand system. Definitely makes the pain of cleaning up toilets after a preschooler a little easier!

Now, Clorox, if you could just work on making a giant brush like this to clean the tub (or even one for the outside of the toilet), we would really be in business…

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