Cleaning for the Holidays with Pine-Sol Lavender

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own!*

To say that December is busy for us is an understatement. My birthday, Ryan’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s….there is a lot of entertaining in our house, and in typical Stephanie-style, my cleaning and prep is usually last minute. For the upcoming holiday season, I’m counting on Pine-Sol Lavender to get me through all my last-minute cleaning.


Pine-Sol has totally upped their game – it’s the same trusted cleaner, but it smells lovely. Pine-Sol Lavender promises to cut through the toughest grease, grime and stains leaving a lavender scent behind. I can honestly say that the product stands up to their claims! Pine-Sol seemed to take a good product and made it even better. Pine-Sol has always been a reliable cleaner, but now it does the job while leaving your house scented with lavender.



The thing that I love most about Pine-Sol Lavender is that it is a multi-surface cleaner – meaning I can whip around the house and clean most surfaces with one cleaner, saving me a ton of time. I can do my kitchen, my floors, and my bathroom with the same cleaner. I even used it on my ceramic cooktop when I was in a rush and it took all the burnt little bits off with minimal work on my part.



The only thing I didn’t love was the bottle itself – while it worked well for diluting and cleaning floors, it wasn’t the greatest for cleaning counters and sinks. I ended up pouring some into a little spray bottle to make the application easier and it was perfect. I would love if it came in a spray bottle where you could twist off the top to pour out of as well.


I was pleasantly surprised with the lavender scent – I didn’t think it would have any staying power, but it left a nice scent throughout the rooms I had cleaned with it.

Now, I’m not usually one to get excited about cleaning products, but I am genuinely looking forward to trying the other new scents that Pine-Sol is introducing. Along with the original Pine-Sol and Lavender, you can also find Pine-Sol in Lemon, Mandarin, and Sparkling Water Scents at grocery, discount, drug, dollar and club retailers. Price points are completely reasonable, starting at $2.99 for 828 ml, $4.49 for 1.4L, or $12.99 for 4.25L.

Happy Cleaning!

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