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Now, this next activity isn’t for everyone. Sadly, not everyone in the Momtourage was into it, but personally…I love it. Please read with an open mind, as I have gotten some pretty odd reactions when I tell people what A and I do every Tuesday morning…we go to pole dancing class.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking (and what I have heard already) – is it safe? Don’t worry, we don’t swing around the pole with the babies underneath, they are playing a safe distance away, always within mommy’s view. Isn’t it inappropriate to take your son to a class where you are swinging around a pole like a stripper? Nope – he’s seeing his mommy happy, active, and feeling great about herself. What’s inappropriate about that? Now, I don’t know that I would be bringing him when he’s five years old, but for now, why not?

Cheeky Girls in Whitby offers Mom & Baby Pole Classes; I started in the beginner class. I thought going into it that it would just kinda be something fun to kill time with Andrew, but it really is a great workout. It starts with some stretching and strengthening exercises, and then you get to the fun stuff – swinging around the pole. 

Honestly mommas, it is SO much fun, and a great workout! Our teacher, Stephanie is fantastic. She is like a personal cheerleader for each and every one of us – even while I’m falling and smashing into the pole. We have enough insecurities as new moms (or experienced moms), we all need someone like her in our corner to tell us that we can do it, and to encourage us to try it again.

I tried to take a couple photos, but as the lighting is dim, they didn’t turn out great – but I will share one with you – this is our instructor, Stephanie posing on the pole:

Did you notice something different in the photo from other fitness studios? Because I noticed it as soon as I walked in…there are no mirrors. There is no checking to see how you look on the pole. I find that women as a whole rely so much on checking on how we look and how we carry ourselves, and rarely give ourselves the opportunity to just focus on ourselves. It’s refreshing to spend an hour without mirrors, and just focusing on me and what makes me feel good.

From a selfish point of view, pole class also gives me a chance to feel like pre-baby me. I love little A, and I love being a mom, but sometimes I do miss the old me. And pole class lets a little bit of the old wild me out…for an hour a week 😉

Physical activity aside, pole class has also taught me three things:

1) Strippers are seriously ripped. I have a new appreciation for what those ladies do when they go to work. It takes serious stamina and muscle…neither of which I have!

2) I have a little issue with control. My first couple days on the pole I didn’t really move much – I was too busy white-knuckling the pole and not sliding down at all!

3) Cheeky Girls is like a secret cult. I had never heard of them until Mandy told me about the class. But one Facebook post after my first class and all the other Cheeky Girls came out of the woodwork! I love being a Cheeky Girl 🙂

If bringing your baby to class isn’t your scene (or if you don’t have one), Cheeky also offers lots of classes just for the ladies!

Well, That’s it for me tonight. Baby A is fast asleep, and it’s my turn now!

If you’re interested in dancing and swinging your baby belly away, check out Cheeky Girls, you won’t be disappointed –

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