BYOB…bring your own bib

A gem of a lunch outing that the Momtourage attended was the Babies at Lunch event held at the Old Mill Inn & Spa. Held monthly, it gives moms a chance to enjoy a nice lunch out without worrying if their little one is making too much noise. The entire dining room at The Old Mill is filled with moms, babies and toddlers! There is designated ‘stroller parking’, highchairs/boosters, bottle warming, and crayons/colouring sheets for the older ones. For a flat price, you get lunch, coffee/tea/cappucino, and a pink carnation for all the mommies. Make sure to call ahead to reserve a table…especially if you’re going with an entire momtourage 😉

Now, when we first booked we weren’t expecting much in terms of food…we were just grateful to go somewhere a little fancier where we wouldn’t get dirty looks if one of the babies red-zoned. The Old Mill went above and beyond – it was an extensive buffet (worthy of a typical Old Mill luncheon), with hot entrees, seafood, cheeses, salads, and a drool-worthy sweet table.

A was only 2.5 months old at the Old Mill Luncheon…and boy did he ever scream that day!


Jen and Char

It was fun to get dressed up to go out…and when I say dressed up, I mean I did my hair and makeup and changed out of my sweat pants. This was probably one of the first times I attempted to put real clothes on A. He was so tiny that anything other than newborn onesies or sleepers looked ridiculous. The overalls he has on in the picture? Size – 3 months….and he’s swimming in them! All the mommas and babies were all dressed up and looked adorable, I wish I had a picture of all of us!

This is definitely an outing that I would like to do one more time before all the mommas are back at work!

Have any of you been to the Old Mill luncheon? Do you know of any other mom & baby lunch outings in the GTA? Let me know in the comments!

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