Bye-bye Momma!

As with everything else in this world, there is a downfall to having a Momtourage. Sadly, I have already discovered what it is…and while it may not come as a shock to everyone else, it was to me: Eventually, moms on maternity leave go back to work.

While I logically knew that at some point we would all be returning to work, I seemed to have blocked it completely from my half-functioning brain. When Ash, the first of the moms to go back to work, announced her last week with us, it completely caught me off guard – I was not ready to lose one of my biggest supports and cheerleaders. 
While I’m sure it was hard for Ash to go back to work, it was sucky for the rest of us – not only do I miss seeing Ash, but I miss seeing her kids! We went from spending at least one day a week with her two daughters (now 1 year and 3 years), to not seeing them at all…and I miss them, especially Princess Ava’s witty comments.

Since Ash’s return to work, momma Sharon has also left us (albeit for a short time – she will be welcoming Baby #2 in August!!! She’s a brave woman!) Soon, Jen and Mandy will be leaving the Momtourage…such a sad time for me 🙁 I truly am going to miss these girls so much. I never thought I would become so close in such a short time, but they have all become close friends of mine. Although we came together over our babies, we have all found that we have mutual interests outside of our children, and not seeing them every week will be difficult for me.

We decided to have a little good-bye party for Ash on her last day with us. We had a potluck lunch, and decided to have a photoshoot with the moms and kids…a little way for us to commemorate an amazing few months together.

Luckily, my friend Shannon is an awesome photographer, so we had her come to Ash’s house and do a photoshoot. If you decide to do this with your entourage, make sure your photographer has tons of patience, and have lots of toys on hands to trick smiles out of all those tots for the camera!

Below are a few photos from our shoot:

My little man and I
Jen and sweet Charlotte
The entire Momtourage!
The babes

The photoshoot and lunch was a fun and informal way to spend Ash’s last day with us, as well as a sweet keepsake to remember the awesome year we spent together 🙂

If anyone is interested in Shannon’s work, check her out here:

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