Bright Bean Toys

Hey mommas,

Just wanted to take a quick minute to share a sweet little find with you!
I heard about a new online toy store that will be opening later this month, called Bright Bean Toys.

I was intrigued, and contacted them for more information about the company and what makes them different from other toy stores. I absolutely love their philosophy – that play is vital to a child’s education and development (because I obviously need more reasons to buy toys). They are structuring their website to help parents find the best toys for their kids at each stage, from birth to age 12. The big difference in their store? Every single toy they sell is attached to a specific developmental category, and you will be able to shop by age and developmental category.

They will be carrying some of my personal favourite brands, such as Hape, Melissa & Doug, Boon, Crazy Forts, Lego, and Lamaze. There are lots of brands that I’m looking forward to exploring such as Janod, Seedlings, Tegu and Uncle Goose. Have any of you tried them?

Just to get you even more excited, they’re offering some special perks to people who register before the launch. Head to their website ( to register and you will receive:

  • 6 months of free shipping
  • $10 store credit
  • 20% off for one month
  • 1 year’s subscription to Today’s Parent magazine
Uhh, yeah. Kind of awesome. Once they have launched and you’ve done your shopping, drop me a line and let me know what you bought!

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