A Momtourage Double Header – Part 1

This week’s outing was a double header in two ways – it was a double-goodbye to Jen & Mandy as they return to work next week…and to celebrate, we decided to do two outings in one day. I considered us pretty brave!

For Jen & Mandy’s last week, we decided to go for lunch at The Table in downtown Oshawa. Mandy and I had our babes with us, but sadly Charlotte had already started phasing into daycare, so Jen was by herself for the day. 

As I worked in downtown Oshawa before I had Andrew, I had been to The Table a few times, but only for take-out. Waiting for my food, I would always stare longingly at the beautiful harvest table in the middle of the restaurant, with it’s glass jars of water with mason jar cups. I love the idea of everyone sitting together at one table…in theory. Once we got to the restaurant, an awful thought hit me…I don’t think anyone else is going to want to sit with our loud, messy babies. Thankfully, as we were there early (11am) the lunch rush hadn’t started yet and the table was almost empty. We even had a visit from the owner, Carol, to visit with the little ones.

Surprisingly, they actually had high chairs for us to use, and we set up with the babies at the end of the table, so even if other diners sat beside us, they wouldn’t get A’s sticky hands grabbing at their shirts and babbling in his baby zombie voice (no joke, it happened to me in the doctor’s office – thankfully the lady he was grabbing loved babies and ended up entertaining him until we got called in).

Here are Mandy and Jen with London and A at the end of our meal…love that big harvest table – wish I had a house big enough to fit a table like that!

Now, I personally love The Table, but it isn’t for everyone. Everything at The Table is made from scratch – baked goods, desserts, soups, salads. I love the sandwiches and salads (especially the Salad Trio – you get to try three different kinds!). It’s a healthy-eating kinda place…so definitely don’t head there if you’re craving grease!

Head on over to http://thetablebycarol.ca/ to check them out. Their assortment of soups changes daily, so check their website to see what’s being served when you go!

The next part of our day…coming soon!

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