5 Best Things about Babies

After my last (and very frustrated) post, I did some reflecting on what I love most about babies.

1) Eau du Baby: is there anything better than the smell of a baby? Even after having one, I still don’t know where that amazing smell comes from. I could sniff babies’ heads forever, it’s like an intoxicating drug for me.

2) Watching them learn: One of the most incredible things to watch is when A is exploring and learning new things. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head, and you can watch the amazement in his eyes as he begins to understand new concepts. Babies are amazing little creatures.

3) Sleepy time: For me, one of the most wonderful moments with A are those few moments before bedtime when he is all sleepy and cuddly, curled up in my arms. I wish I could hold on to those moments forever. I know it doesn’t make for good sleep habits to rock him to sleep, but…one very wise mommy once said to me that they are only going to want to be in your arms for so long, so to just enjoy it while I can. So, I’m enjoying it and and taking all the sleepy snuggles and cuddles that I can while he’s content to be in my arms.

4) Baby Smiles & Laughs: Nothing has ever tugged at my heard quite like seeing A break out into a big grin, followed by a wide gummy smile. Nothing in the world can cheer me up like hearing his big belly laugh.

5)Hugs & Kisses: The first time little A reached up to give me a hug followed by a sloppy drool-laden kiss, my heart melted. Best. Moment. Ever. Pure bliss!

What are your favourite moments with the babies in your life?

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